Lag in Alberta land title transfers hits 4 months

Service Alberta told CBC News in May it was working to implement solutions to the backlog by the summer and expected wait times would decrease. However, since the spring, the delay has stretched from about three months to four. As of Thursday, according to the province's website, the land titles office was registering land title documents received on June 22 and survey plans and documents received on Aug. 12. The delays are affecting people buying and selling properties, industries involved in those transactions, and municipalities' tax departments. "We would like it to be faster but our hands are tied," said Paul Gravelle, chair of the Realtors Association of Edmonton. A pain for lawyers and lenders Carl Bösecke, a partner at Bösecke Law in Edmonton, said his firm often handles deals for people flipping homes. Those clients end up reselling homes before the title is registered in their names, he said. "It becomes really complicated for new lenders to track all...

Planning Your Estate?

Planning Your Estate? What is a Will? A will is a written document which details how you want your property distributed after your death. Alberta law sets out the requirements for a valid will. A will is valid only when it is in writing. A will is not valid unless: it is properly signed; and properly witnessed. Your will must be signed by you before two or more witnesses who must also sign the document in the presence of you and each other. You must be mentally competent, and at least 18-years-old. There are some limited circumstances where a person younger than 18 may make a valid will. If you are under 18 or if you are unable to sign your will by yourself, special rules apply. You should discuss your will with a knowledgeable lawyer. In addition to disposing of your property you may also name your "personal representatives" in your will. A personal representative is...


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L.A. Radio Group Inc.

In 2015, following the difficult decision to sell our broadcasting company, we turned to Sully Chapman Beattie to manage this acquisition, as well as provide experience in an area of business we were unfamiliar with. Kevin Beattie and his team of professionals created a very positive atmosphere for us, while ensuring a smooth transition for all parties involved. Not only were we grateful for Mr. Beattie’s expertise, the purchasers were also very impressed with the communication lines that were created and utilized throughout the entire process. We recommend Sully Chapman Beattie for, not only their years of expertise, but also for recognizing our vision and ensuring all of our goals were met. Kevin and his team of pros played a very important role during this chapter of our lives, and we thank them for everything.

Troy and Sonia Schaab

Century 21 Advantage

I started referring my real estate buyer and seller clients in 2002. The feedback from my clients has always been positive. They’ve appreciated his straightforward approach and ability to relay the complex in a manner that was easy to digest. When my personal business needs evolved to requiring corporate and estate planning I called Kevin Beattie. I’ve always found that everyone associated with our file, from front reception, legal assistants, and all points of contact in-between to be friendly, timely and above all understanding and helpful.

Patrick Galesloot

CGL Strategic Business & Tax Advisors

As a Chartered Professional Accountant specializing in tax matters I see the work of many law firms. After assisting many clients that had already dealt with Sully Chapman Beattie LLP, I chose them for some of my own corporate contractual work. I chose this firm for my own needs because of their dedication to accuracy and more than friendly customer service. They are always willing to assist no matter how minor the question may be. The value for money is well worth it, and they always take pride in their work. From the receptionist that greets you, to the legal assistant on the file, to the lawyer themselves, the service of this firm is hard to beat in Red Deer.

Cory G. Litzenberger

Larkaun Homes

We have been using Sully Chapman Beattie for over 13 years and have always been happy. Everyone at this office is very easy and pleasant to communicate with. Our corporate lawyer, Kevin Beattie, is thorough and to the point. He is respectful with our time and efficiently translates legal terminology into English we understand. We recommend Kevin and the amazing staff at Sully Chapman Beattie to everyone!

Natalie Paetz, Larkaun Homes Ltd.


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